Lab in Charge

Mrs Suni K S


Working Hours :
9.45 AM to 3.50 PM.


Lab Rules :

  • All members of staff and students of the Institution can avail of the facilities in the computer lab.
  • Students are to sign in the Lab Register.
  • No students can avail the lab while class sessions are in progress.
  • Students are expected to maintain decorum in the lab. Any misdemeanor will attract punishment.
  • If any machines/accessories are damaged due to any misdemeanor of the student he/she will be charged a fine for the same. The fine will be decided by the Principal in consultation with faculty in charge of the computer lab. If the person accountable cannot be found, a common fine will be charged.
  • During working hours all are expected to wear formal dress as instructed in the campus.
  • No students can use their CD / USB Drive without the permission of the Lab in-charge.
  • All other college rules also are applicable in the lab.

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