1. Any student who leaves the college without the permission of the principal before completing the course, will not be given a certificate of character. But on sufficient cause being shown, the principal will transfer a student to another college or will allow him to discontinue study and will give him a certificate of character at such time as in the opinion of the principal may deem proper.
  2. Application for TC and Conduct Certificate must be submitted immediately afther the student leaves the college.
  1. TC to a student who has been enrolled for the University examination shall be issued after the provisional results of the examination are published.
  2. The minimum age prescribed in the ordinance for admission of student to the first year Degree Course is 16 years on the first October of the year of admission .
  3. Application for recognition of their qualifying examination from other Universities or examination boards are to be received in the University office within ONE MONTH after joining the college .
  4. In respect of delay in submission of application by individual applicants for the return of matriculates and recognition of qualifying examinations a penalty of Rs. 25 – per candidate is levied by the university.
  5. In the case of students who have passed from any University other than Mahatma Gandhi University the necessary Migration Certificate must be produced within a month after enrollment.
  6. Fees once remitted will not be refunded at any circumstance except caution deposit .