1. Students of MGAJ Arts& Science College, North Paravur, should uphold the honour and prestige of the institution by humility, fellow feeling and hard work. They should endeavour to create an atmosphere conducive to academic, cultural and social progress.
  2. There is a uniform introduced for all the students of the college and students should come to the campus wearing the stipulated uniform.
  3. Students are to be punctual and earnest in attending classes and other academic and co-curricular activities.
  4. Students shall maintain perfect silence inside the class room.
  5. When a member of the staff enters the class room the students shall stand up and keep standing till they are directed to sit or the staff takes his/her seat.
  6. No student shall leave the class room without the permission of the staff or until staff member leaves the room.
  7. A student who comes to the class after the roll call shall enter the class room without the permission of the staff member.
  8. When a member of the staff in charge of the class directs a student to leave the class he /she shall immediately leave the class room.
  9. Those students who happen to have no classes must go to the library or retire to their waiting rooms. Students shall not enter any class other than theirs.


The Ultimate Disciplinary Authority
  1. In the interest of the institution and for the sake of discipline, the Principal is entitled to refuse admission to any applicant or suspend or dismiss or take any other punitive action against any student for misconduct.
  2. Smoking, alcohol consumption and use of narcotic drug are strictly prohibited and criminal proceedings will be taken against those who are found guilty.
  3. Destruction of college property will be recovered with fine.
  4. The students can make representations on collage affairs to the principal only through class tutor and staff advisor.
Misconduct Shall Include
  1. Disrespectful behavior to staff.
  2. Provoking students to abstain from classes and participating in strikes.
  3. Bringing outsiders unnecessarily in to the campus.
  4. Behave disorderly in classes.
  5. Creating disturbance to the classes during free hours.
  6. Organizing tours without sufficient reason.
  7. Staying away from classes without sufficient reason
  8. Organizing meetings and displaying notices in the campus without permission.
  9. Disrespectful attitudes during the Morning Prayer.
  10. Any other activities against the smooth functioning of the college.


  1. Semester fees will be collected in 6 installment. The dates of fees collection for various classes will be announced after the beginning of the classes. If the college remains closed on that particular day due to various reasons, the Principal is competent to declare another day for fee collection.
  2. The newly admitted students will have to pay all fees including Tuition fee, Special fee, Caution deposit and other fees at the time of admission.
  3. If the fees is not paid on or before the last date fixed for fee collection, the name of the student will be removed from the roll of the college. Such students will not get the benefit of attendance.
  4. The student removed from the roll due to the non payment of fees can apply for re-admission with the charge of Rs.50. This clause is applicable to all students including those who are eligible for fee concession. (fees + fine + re-admission charge)
  5. The readmitted students will get the benefit of attendance only from the date of re-admission.
  6. Every student is liable to pay the prescribed fees for the year if his/her name is in the roll.
  7. In the case of students admitted later after the commencement of the academic year, the prescribed fees will be collected at the time of admission.
  8. Refund of fee including special fees remitted will not be granted to those students who have already paid them for one particular course except those who submit higher option letter from the university.
  9. Absence with or without leave from the college will not be an excuse for the non-payment of fees.

NOTE : Rules concerning the collection of fees will be subject to university/Government orders.