The Commerce degree is designed to provide the student with a wide range of managerial skills while at the same time building competence in a particular area.This program will prepare you for any career in general management, banking, financial management, and accounting and information systems. Graduates are also equipped to work as public accountants in commercial or government administration, or in private practice. Courses focus on accounting, financial planning, decision-making and control in organizations. You will examine the fundamental principles of commerce and the business environment, and learn how to apply business principles to contemporary business practices.

Programmes Offered

Under Graduate Programme –

BCom With Computer Application

BCom With Finance and Taxation

BCom Co-operation ( Subject to Sanction)

Post Graduate Programme –

MCom Finance

MCom Taxation

Scope Of BCom with Computer Application

B.Com in Computer Applications has a wide scope in accounting, banking, marketing, e-commerce, teaching, insurance and stock markets. Even software industry demands the graduates of B.Com in Computer Applications. It has been estimated that our country needs double the amount of B.Com in Computer Applications than it is currently producing. This makes it a rewarding option. The initial basic salary can be around Rs.15, 000 per month which is lucrative enough to attract plenty of students towards pursuing B.Com in Computer Applications. The growth rate is also good. Thus, being good with numbers and interested in computers could be a motivation to pursue this course.

Varieties of higher studies options are available after B.Com in Computer Application. Candidates can also pursue doctorate degree course after completing post graduation. Different higher studies options available after B.Com in Computer Application are given below.

  • Master of Computer Applications
  • Master of Computer Application in Commerce
  • Master of Computer Application in Software Systems
  • Master of Commerce in Computer Applications
  • Master of Commerce in Finance and Computer Applications
  • Master of Philosophy in Computer Applications
  • Master of Science in Computer Applications
  • Master of Science in Finance and Computer Applications
  • Master of Science in Computer Application and Information Technology
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Business Statistics and Computer Applications
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Aided Design
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computational Mathematics and Statistics
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Management
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Front Office

B.Com in Computer Application graduates can find lot of career opportunities in the field of accounting, banking, marketing, e-commerce, teaching, insurance and stock markets. They can work as Probationary officer, Loan officer or Collection officer in various banks. These graduates can also find lucrative jobs in the software industry. Different job profiles available for these graduates are given below.

  • Mobile Application Developer
  • CAD Application Support Technician
  • Computer Application Specialist
  • Accounts Assistant
  • Computer Programmer
  • Computer Operator
  • Application Developer
  • Computer-Laboratory Technician
  • Clerk-cum- Computer Operator
  • Auditors
  • Book Keepers
  • Budget Analysts

Scope Of BCom with Finance and Taxation

There are multiple job opportunities in this field. Depending upon individuals academic background along with working experience in taxation, employ can be found in all corners of the globe. Graduates in this field can seek employment in government and private sectors. Professionals can join any organization as tax recruiter, tax policy analyst, tax advisor, revenue agents, tax examiners, tax manager, tax accountant and tax collectors.

Professionals in this career can also opt for teaching jobs in universities and colleges. They can also work separately as a consultant. The key role of any tax consultant must be to make maximum use of all of his/ her technical knowledge for the betterment of the company he/she is working for.

Scope Of BCom Co-operation

The objectives of the B.Com., Co-operation degree course are given under:

  • To enable the students to acquire knowledge and skill in Co-operation and Management.
  • To enhance the professional skill and talents of the students to manage the Challenges of Co-operative Institutions and allied enterprises.

Scope : Job opportunities in Co-operative banks and societies in finance, accounting, operations or sales .

Scope Of MCom

M.Com or Master of Commerce will help graduates after B.Com to develop in-depth knowledge in areas like accounting, finance, computers and E-business etc. This course is mainly intended for students who are currently in the entry level and are looking for further expansion of knowledge in their careers. Students who are interested to go for higher degree courses like in research or even doctorate level will get an advantage with this course.

With a degree in M.Com with high marks, students will be able to find employment as qualified accountants. Some of the other sectors were M.Com students can look for jobs in areas including

    • Auditing
    • Banking and finance
    • Electronic retailing
    • Funds management
    • Management consulting
    • Stock broking

In addition to this, students of M.Com can also look for jobs with the Government sector. UPSC is a major recruiter of M.Com students in to excellent posts in the central government offices.

List Of Faculty Members

Mrs Shemy A V (H.O.D)Assistant Professor
Mrs Samgeetha K JAssistant Professor
Mrs Remya P RAssistant Professor
Mrs Jibi JaijuAssistant Professor
Mrs Krishnakumari PAssistant Professor
Mrs Preejamol R AAssistant Professor
Mrs Sameera MAssistant Professor
Mrs Aswathy Chandran KAssistant Professor
Mrs Soumya S NairAssistant Professor
Mrs Neethu T BAssistant Professor
Mrs shona GeorgeAssistant Professor
Mrs Archana P MenonAssistant Professor
Mrs Aiswarya MukundanAssistant Professor